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White and Pink Script Young Adult Book C



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About Kayaleah

Kayaleah is an author and advocate for mental health awareness, minority voices, and communities. She is immensely passionate about fighting for systemic justice within schools and communities. Kayaleah grew up in a diverse, lower-income neighborhood and attended a high school where most students in attendance were of minority descent. You Found Me was born when she learned in-depth about the disparities and differences in school systems based on districts' locations.

She began to notice just how greatly race and financial income played a vital role in funding schools and communities and the role those two factors played in quickly deciding someone’s future. Through her writing, she hopes to raise awareness and spark conversations that are often uncomfortable but need to be had to create the change we so desperately need.

About the Book

When two unsuspecting strangers meet in the most unexpected way, their lives will never be the same. Cheyanne Taylor has grown up in a lifestyle of comfort and luxury. It's easy to assume she's never faced many hardships throughout her life. Growing up mere miles from Cheyanne, Jacob Lee has only known violence, poverty, and struggle; in his neighborhood, comfort and luxury are practically a myth for those who reside within. What no one realizes is just how much their status contradicts who they truly are beneath the surface.

When they are pushed together by fate, they will be forced to reckon with just how different their lives truly are from one another regarding race, gender, status, and community. They will be forced to question what they thought they knew and whom they thought they were. Fight the system, question everything, and never judge a book by its cover. What can happen when you are pushed together by fate in the most unexpected way?