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About the Book

The Art of Rising up will teach you how to develop the mindset, posture, and language it takes to go assertively in the direction of the goals God has placed on your heart to pursue. More than people-pleasing, Katy will share her story of self-limiting beliefs, overcoming past trauma, and the steps it takes to rise up, become your best self, and craft a life of fulfillment.
You don't have to inherit the life from your surroundings, or your past, you can create a fun, vibrant, abundantly rich life with a little determination and direction. Allow Katy to show you how.

About Katy

 21 years old, and born and raised Colorado girl with love for Jesus and her family, Katy is the eldest of seven children, passionate about photography, video production, adventure, and traveling the world. She is an entrepreneur at heart, building businesses since she was just seventeen. Being the eldest of seven, she grew up in a place of leadership, which has greatly influenced her life and goals.
She felt called to share her story in the hopes of leading people to overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs, people-pleasing, and past trauma. She wants people to know just how powerful they are when it comes to crafting a life they love and not just life they merely tolerate.
Katy believes crafting a life you love is achieved through taking ownership and applying intentionality. The battles she has faced in her life have shaped her into who she is today.
She knows she can always overcome and conquer life's battles. Now she just wants to show other people how they can too! 

To learn more about Katy, visit her website at theartofrisingup.com or follow her journey on Instagram, @katy.marr