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Katy Marr


 Katy Marr is an author from Denver, Colorado, and a creative at heart, which is what compels her to pursue the things that she does. She loves creating, painting, designing, writing, and marketing, and she's never short on ideas for a project! Even more than that, though she loves to give people hope. Being the oldest of 7, she naturally operates in “big sister” mode in her desire to help, inspire, and coach people through their circumstances. Her mission is to help the next generation get their hope back in a world that may have actually taken away their hope for a better future. She believes that through self-awareness and knowing our identity, we can have hope again for a better life than maybe the one we’ve found ourselves in.

Katy is the author of The Art of Rising Up and the forthcoming work The Refined Hustle. To learn more about Katy please visit her Instagram @mskatymarr and to inquire about booking Katy for an event please reach out to directly. 

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