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Submit Your Manuscript for Consideration

We are pleased to announce that we are now open to accepting unsolicited manuscripts. We are open to considering poetry books, young adult novels, self-help, fiction, non-fiction, and biography. Our emphasis is on books that have a story to tell with an awareness that will impact and help those who pick up the book(s).

For your submission to be considered, we ask that you include a brief synopsis of your work and a short biography along with your manuscript submission. Tell us your why and what you are passionate about. 


Please send your manuscript to for consideration. We kindly ask that you allow 2-4 weeks for a response.


If you are in the idea stage but don't know how or where to start, we're here to walk with you. 

 Send an email to with the subject line, "Attention book coach," to learn about our custom 1:1 book writing coaching where we grow your idea with you from just an idea to a perfected manuscript.  

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