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Susan Jean Grafton

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Susan J. Grafton, MSN, RN Susan is an advanced practice nurse whose nursing career began with caring for Intellectually Disabled adults in a residential center. As her professional career developed, she transitioned into teaching, beginning as a Professor in a Registered Nurse Program at a local Private College. Desiring to continue working with people to readily prepare them for working in potentially conflicted situations, Susan is currently a Nurse Instructor for staff at a high-security California State Prison. She completed her graduate studies in Nursing Administration with an emphasis in leadership at the University of Texas, Arlington. As a child of a dysfunctional family, she has suffered many traumas, trials, and tribulations in her journey to wellness. As a child, she was homeless for a time, survived childhood sexual abuse resulting in Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and was a high school dropout that raised her son while strapped in the cycle of poverty. Susan overcame all stigmas and obstacles in her path to reclaim her destiny and has learned how to create a meaningful life lived on her own terms. Her journey is well chronicled in Reclaimed Truth and maintains a website of the same name. Her successes have been fought for and hard-won, and she is dedicated to teaching others how to live a meaningful life in the present while acknowledging and embracing the past. 

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