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About Bryce

Fox currently resides in Knoxville, TN, where his wife currently attends med school; however, he claims Portland, OR, and Denver, CO, as home. 


In addition to poetry, Fox also enjoys playing music, reading, and being outside with his dog.  When he is not writing, he works in the bar industry and loves good whiskey. 

Fox is passionate about creating, the influence of words in people's lives, and creating spaces for storytelling and community. His poetry collections explore vulnerable conversations surrounding creativity, mental health, the balance of spirituality, and the struggle(s) of humanity.


Thanks be to Christ,

in which all things are restored.

About the Book

i gave up on myself for less sprawls years of life, explores the endless depths of single moments, and ponders eternity.


In his first collection of poetry, Bryce W. Fox asks questions of himself and of God that few have the courage to ask. Much more than just asking, i gave up on myself for less sits with that seeking and wonders at the process. There is no more human thing than that.


Trapped in a struggle between love and loss, pain and wonder, Fox uses his pen as a shovel to dig deep into himself. Every poem captures a whirlwind of feeling and holds onto it, considers it, cares for it, then releases it. Memory, pain, yearning, and freedom—bound collectively by a single life—resound throughout.

The aching beauty within this strong and sensitive work will reverberate in your body for hours, even days after you’ve set it down.