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Book coaching

One of the services Rosebud Press is honored to offer is book coaching, sometimes referred to as: author coaching, writing coaching, book sherpa, and our favorite, cheerleader. 

Book coaching is the perfect option for the author starting from scratch with just an idea, the author stuck, hitting roadblocks, or the author in the finishing stages needing further guidance when it comes to the next steps such as what comes after completing their manuscript(s). A book coach is a professional editor, mentor, and cheerleader for any stage of the writing process. Our founder serves as our book coach with over a decade of experience and expertise, a published author herself, she will walk with you hand-in-hand on this journey. 

So what does book coaching entail?

We are glad you asked! Book coaching here at Rosebud Press includes:

  • A free 30-minute discovery 

  • Q&A to best understand your personality, goals, and more

  • Writing deadline(s) of 10-15-20-25 pages reviewed per deadline with in-document comments in each submission

  • Weekly or monthly meetings depending on your goals

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Tailored development assignments designed to help you overcome roadblocks and find inspiration

  • Email support

  • *Assistance in deciding which publishing route fits best for you

We have a plethora of packages tailored to fit your goals and needs. If you are interested please contact us for more information and to set up your FREE discovery call by clicking the button below with the subject line: LET'S DISCOVER. We cannot wait to connect with you!



Please note: by enrolling in book coaching at Rosebud Press there is zero obligation for either party to publish your work(s) at Rosebud Press. We want you to find the best fit that speaks to you in the journey through authorship, whether that is with us, another small publisher, self-publishing, or a traditional publisher. 

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