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 About the Book

Seventeen years old, and a senior in high school, Kalani was already struggling to relieve the stress weighing on her shoulders, when family issues at home ensue, and a bully arises at school, Kalani struggles to handle the pressures both society and life seem to be throwing at her. With her social life crumbling and the stigma, society has placed on mental health staring her in the face, Kalani must learn how to cope with the external factors occurring around her and the internal demons rising with her.

Please note that this book may not be suitable for all, as it does contain material that may trigger some. 

About Kayaleah

First discovering her passion for writing in middle school, Kayaleah would scribble poems and short stories into a notebook rather than paying attention in class. Her writing became a saving grace at sixteen years old when she experienced a decline in her mental health. Her writing along with competitive cheerleading became an effective outlet for her to process her emotions. Just as You're Not Worthless acknowledges a very serious topic, Kayaleah hopes to continue to advocate for mental health and other situations she feels need to be discussed.