Rosebud press is a female ran small press founded by an author- it is designed to serve as a safe, creative space of empowerment, opportunity, and community for all from all walks of life. 

Rosebud Press is dedicated to bringing our author's voices and visions to the forefront. Rosebud Press finds immense pride and joy in publishing and developing works that are authentic, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

We have had numerous questions in regard to the origin of our name, Rosebud Press, or RP for short. Our name pays ultimate homage to our founder's late grandmother, who was affectionally referred to as 'Rosebud'.  'Rosebud' was an incredible writer, and poet, therefore, our founder felt there was no better way to honor her then by naming a company, or as we feel, a community after her.

Throughout our founders journey of indie authorship- jumping through hoops, pounding the pavement, and finding her footing, and creating alone, she felt this persistent calling to design a space for which she did not have through her journey: a safe, creative community that walked with you through the journey that is authorship and not only guided and empowered but nurtured every step of the way. 

Thus, eventually, Rosebud Press went from a thought, a calling, to an actual community that serves so many beautiful, and unique individuals daily. Our founder believes that her late grandmother would be proud of this space/community that has been named in her honor. 

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