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Who we are

Paying homage

Our why

Rosebud Press is an authorship and mentorship program that aids those in amplifying their voices. We serve as a guide to help you walk the journey of sharing your story, finding your why, and cultivating lasting change, and leadership through who you are. 

We have had numerous questions regarding the origin of our name, Rosebud Press, or RP for short. Our name pays ultimate homage to our founder's late grandmother, who was affectionately referred to as 'Rosebud.'  'Rosebud' was an incredible writer and poet; therefore, our founder felt there was no better way to honor her then by naming a company, or as we feel, a community after her.

Our why you could say is quite simple; to help you, the beautiful individual reading this, to have your voice be heard and your story told in a way you feel proud of with people who care walking alongside you, supporting, encouraging, nurturing, and providing a safe, creative space where all are welcome. 

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